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October 14, 2021  

Scaredophobia | Borderlands events, PSVR, Eidos Montréal

This week Eric shoots the breeze, Matt gets colorful, and we discuss a ton of stuff – the Borderlands 3 events, free PSVR games, Eidos Montréal's 4-day work week, and holiday gaming traditions are all on the table!

Releases: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles & Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan

October 7, 2021  

”She‘s not a bounty hunter!” Or: Anaconda | Twitch leak, Sony UK game trials

Get ready to get weird as we cover everything from the recent Twitch leak to Gearbox's leadership reorg to Sony UK's game trials! We've also got hot takes on the galaxy's number one "bounty hunter", two great releases, and the (conceptual) opening of another great animal-themed store!

Releases: Steel Assault & Metroid Dread

September 30, 2021  

”…the most rainy?” | Gaming news grab bag, Nintendo Direct

This week Eric buries his past, Matt gets metal, neither of us can figure out how sound works, and we discuss the latest gaming news and last week's Nintendo Direct!

Releases: Hot Wheels Unleashed & UnMetal

September 23, 2021  

You know what you did! | Wonderlands, Q4 gaming hype

This week Matt ruins Eric's ASMR dreams, so Eric breaks his heart! We also give you a quick hit on some Q4 games we're getting hyped for!

Releases: Lost Judgment & Kena: Bridge of Spirits

September 16, 2021  

Ratioed by Randy Pitchford | Wonderlands details

This week Eric enjoys a parade, Matt sees the greatest thing, and we discuss the Wonderlands details dropped by Matt Cox and Kayla Belmore in a recent Gamespot article!

Releases: Life is Strange: True Colors & Eastward

September 9, 2021  

Absentee Gamer | Wonderlands, PlayStation Showcase

This week Matt rocks the house, Eric plugs The Medium, the Tiny Tina's Wonderlands trailer gets us hyped, and we drool over the latest game trailers in the PlayStation Showcase!

September 2, 2021  

Incriminated | Gamescom Part 2

This week Eric gets his mind wiped and waves a knife around, Matt picks pockets and puts on his Cynical Hat, and we lose our minds over EVEN MORE awesome Gamescom reveals!

Releases: Psychonauts 2 & The Big Con

August 26, 2021  

Furry Monkey Casing | Gearbox Montréal, Gamescom

This week Matt goes bananas, Eric's on drugs, and we're hyped for Gearbox's latest expansion and the first reveals from Gamescom!

Releases: My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge & Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut

August 18, 2021  

“I just blew my own mind!” | Game Remake / Remaster Wish List

Surprise, it's another early episode! This week we're breaking down (and speculating on) the upcoming Borderlands 3 anniversary celebration, and listing off some of the game remakes / remasters we'd actually like to see!

Releases: Twelve Minutes & Axiom Verge 2

August 11, 2021  

Shrubbage | Back 4 Blood open beta

This week we're BACK 4 BLOOD (get used to every podcast in the world saying that), as we break down our time with the open beta! We've also got some news on a very real and very serious lawsuit against Godfall, and Eric has what may be the greatest release of all time!

Releases: Hades (PS/XB) & [REDACTED]

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