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September 17, 2020  

Crazy Frenetic Cool Stuff | PAX, PS5, Fustercluck

This week we've got thoughts on the Gearbox PAX Online Digital Showcase, the PlayStation 5 Showcase, and Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck!

Releases: Hades & Super Mario 3D All-Stars

September 10, 2020  

TRICK OR MEAT | Fustercluck impressions & PAX wishlist

DLC 4 has dropped and PAX is right around the corner, so there's a lot to talk about!
Releases: Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning & Marvel's Avengers

September 3, 2020  

A Tale of Woe | Godfall, Krieg DLC

Eric is prerecorded this week due to various shenanigans and goings-on, but we've still got reactions to the Godfall and Krieg DLC showcases from Gamescom!

August 27, 2020  

Who?! | Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck

The newest Borderlands DLC has been revealed and Godfall is getting closer! We've got thoughts on all of that, as well as a [completely blown] shout-out for...Battleborn?!

Releases: The Last Campfire & Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered

August 20, 2020  

Mad, Bad, and Crazy | Borderlands 3 & DLC 4

Eric's NOT on vacation this week, so after a bit of catch-up on the Gearbox news, it's time to speculate on DLC 4 and the future of Borderlands 3!

Releases: Rogue Legacy 2 & Battletoads

August 13, 2020  

That Spider-Man Moment | Persona 5 Royal

We're prerecorded this week because Eric's on vacation again, so after a bit of chatter on the Godfall combat overview trailer, we dive back into the Metaverse for the penultimate (???) episode of the Personacast!

August 6, 2020  

Crazy for the Cheese | Borderlands 3 events, Persona 5 Royal

Borderlands 3 drops a free weekend, a boss loot event, some weapon buffs, and we take a cruise through the Metaverse!

Releases: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout & Horizon: Zero Dawn (PC)

July 30, 2020  

Beasts Gotta Be Shoppin’ | Godfall

This week Matt gets weird, Eric gets magical, and we gush about Godfall!


Releases: Need A Packet? & Fae Tactics

July 23, 2020  

The Ramsay Bolton | Godfall, Borderlands 3, Ghost of Tsushima

This week we get excited about Godfall, run down some of the patch notes for Borderlands 3, and get ghosted in 2020's GAME OF THE YEAR! (maybe?)

July 16, 2020  

The Pancakes | Persona 5 Royal

Welcome to a pre-recorded Vacation Edition of THiRD SHiFT, in which we dive back into the Metaverse for more Persona 5 Royal! We'll be discussing (what we remember about) the Spaceport and Casino palaces, including thoughts on the palace designs, the boss fights, and the story bits in between!

It's always a good time when we get to talk about our favorite JRPG of all time, so check it out! And as always - don't forget to save!

- Matt, the #EditingKing

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