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June 30, 2022  

Startin’ Fresh | DLCs, demos, Nintendo Direct mini

This week Matt has dessert, Eric sees the sun, and we get hyped for DLCs, demos, and the latest reveals from the Nintendo Direct mini!

Releases: Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course & Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

June 23, 2022  

Hanging Out With Sephiroth | FF7 25th anniversary, Day of the Devs, Wholesome Direct

This week Eric plays cards, Matt misses the boat, and we discuss the latest reveals from even more awesome showcases like the FF7 25th Anniversary Celebration, Day of the Devs, and the Wholesome Direct!

Releases: Neon White & AI: The Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative

June 16, 2022  

KNIFEY: The Knife That Loves To Stab | Xbox Bethesda Showcase

This week Matt is cool but rude, Eric has a peaceful night, and we both get hyped over the reveals from the Xbox Bethesda showcase!

Releases: TMNT: Shredder's Revenge & The Quarry

June 9, 2022  

The Chimera | Summer Game Fest, Devolver Digital, Steve

It's a new look and a new era of THiRD SHiFT as we celebrate our 300th episode! And what better way to celebrate than with a slew of game reveals, new trailers, and all kinds of good info from the Summer Game Fest and Devolver Digital presentations?

HUGE thanks to Steve for his incredible audio contribution, and to all the rest of you for your continued support!

Intro music:

June 2, 2022  

Papa Chun-Li | State of Play thoughts & hype

This week Matt deals the cards, Eric has a phone, and we discuss the games we're excited for from the latest State of Play! (Spoiler Alert: it's all of them!)

Releases: Card Shark & Diablo Immortal

May 24, 2022  

298.5 | Nuke & Duke

With real life items looming on the horizon and throwing a monkey wrench into our usual recording schedule, we're coming at you early with a "mini" episode where Eric goes soft, Matt locks and loads, and we have a brief speculation on what Gearbox might bring to the Summer Game Fest!

Releases: Cotton Fantasy & Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate

May 19, 2022  

Deadites | 505 Games showcase, Xbox & PS Plus news

This week Matt hits the streets, Eric shops S-Mart, and we discuss the 505 Games showcase, the Xbox delays, and the announced lineups for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium!

Releases: Mini Motorways & Evil Dead: The Game

May 12, 2022  

Dead Man Rate | Nintendo Indie World Showcase

This week Eric rises and gets cheap, Matt sleeps and beats Elden Ring, and we discuss the games we're hyped for from the Nintendo Indie World Showcase!

Releases: Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising & Citizen Sleeper

May 5, 2022  

10:30 | Embracer Group acquires Square Enix devs & IPs

This week Matt goes downriver, Eric goes on a trek, and we discuss the big acquisition of Square Enix's Western studios by the Embracer Group!

Releases: Loot River & Trek to Yomi

(Not sure what was up with Eric's audio this week, hopefully it will be back to normal next time.)

April 28, 2022  

Secret FIFA Fiend | Elden Ring, GotY check-in

This week Eric gets sporty, Matt goes Ultra, we go off on a huge Elden Ring tangent, and we give some initial thoughts on what we've played (and what's to come) that might land in our Game of the Year lists!

Releases: Switch Sports & The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

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