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May 6, 2021  

Bakers’ Village | The future of Borderlands

This week Eric stays NieR while Matt goes far, we write a horror story, and we wonder what Randy Pitchford's tweets mean for the future of Borderlands!

Releases: Resident Evil Village & Dull Grey

Updated on 5/8 to fix an audio error!

April 29, 2021  

16,000 Tutorials | State of Play, RE8 Demo, NieR Replicant

It's a Grab Bag of topics this week, as we cover the new State of Play, give our thoughts on the latest Resident Evil demo, and share our initial impressions of NieR Replicant!

Releases: Returnal & New Pokemon Snap

April 22, 2021  

“I’m not Elmer Fudd” | Q2 2021 gaming hype

This week Gearbox kicks sniper rifles to the curb, Eric gets replicated, Matt plays in the rain, and we discuss some of the big gaming releases in Q2!

Releases: NieR Replicant & Judgment Remastered

April 15, 2021  

“Ball in the hole!” | Director’s Cut thoughts

This week we're diving into the first bit of Director's Cut content for Borderlands 3 and sharing our thoughts on Ava's murder mystery missions!

Releases: Rain on Your Parade & Oddworld: Soulstorm

April 8, 2021  

Muscle Meat | Director’s Cut, Borderlands movie

As we try to recover from Quarter End, we catch up on the latest details from the Borderlands 3 Director's Cut DLC (out now), and the Borderlands movie (out way later)!

April 1, 2021  

They’re nuts! | It Takes Two

The dreaded Quarter End is upon us, but we're here to rave about the latest game from Josef Fares: It Takes Two!

March 25, 2021  

One Shot Wonder | Switch Pro, DICE Award Nominees

This week we dig into the rumored specs of the Switch Pro, give some thoughts on the DICE Awards, and show some love to our favorite mollusks!


Releases: Monster Hunter Rise & Genesis Noir

March 18, 2021  

Squid Puppet | #SquareEnixPresents

THiRD SHiFT gets weird and wild with a slew of mini-releases and our favorite moments from the first-ever Square Enix Presents!


Releases: Murder on Eridanos, The Outer Worlds 60 FPS upgrade, Apex Legends (Switch), Crash 4 (Switch), & The Ancient Gods Part 2



March 11, 2021  

Thanks, WebMD! | Bethesda, Xbox Game Pass

This week's conversation revolves around Microsoft buying Bethesda, and the future of Xbox Game Pass and the industry in general!

Releases: Gnosia & Chained

March 4, 2021  

It’s Free! | Outriders demo impressions

This week Matt gets thrown for a loop, Eric feels the freedom, and we become [Out]riders on the storm!

Releases: Loop Hero & Maquette

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